“You Are NOT What You Eat” Mini-Tour of Vancouver Island

Stress and Digestion

Well, so much for posting every week! ;-))

The You Are NOT What You Eat Mini-Tour of Vancouver Island was fantastic – and very busy. Roxanne and I are now back in Whistler  and I have access to my old reliable computer with the regular keyboard and big screen and I’m hoping that now I’ll be able to get posts up regularly. (Why are some of you laughing? ;-))

Our final stop on the tour was Parksville and it was packed – over 75 people –  standing-room only once again despite moving it to Council chambers. And a wonderful crowd. Man, I love the Q & As! Keep ’em comin! (*And feel free to post them here if you can’t make it to one of my presentations.)

Thank you Melissa and Janet for the great organizing. And next time I promise to follow Roxanne’s directions and drive to the correct library.

We might be back on Vancouver Island as soon as November and all venues want us to return (we had standing-room only in Campbell River, Courtenay, and Parksville), so keep checking the website. I’ll be starting to book Fall presentations in the lower Mainland and Vancouver Island asap (yeah, behind on that too) and will post them as soon as booked.

There are also interviews coming up on Talk Radio Europe, TV and some major blogs so I’ll announce those as well.

I’ve been assured that You Are NOT What You Eat is once again available on Amazon.ca after a glitch in the chain of command,  so please let me know if you have any problems ordering from them.

Our distributor Sandhill can also get copies to your local bookstore, healthfood store, spa, (bowling alley? ;-)) wherever you are, so don’t hesitate to ask for it if you don’t see it on the shelf.

Oh, and some of you might have noticed the book has a new subtitle – “Better Digestive Health In 7 Simple Steps”. (Thanks to all who voted in our poll of options!) If you have an original copy – it now has added value – it’s a collector’s item ;-))  There are still a few online sources that might show the old subtitle, but that is all being resolved as the changes work their way through the system.

Drop us a note if you have any questions or requests or would like us to include your town on one of our future tours. Look forward to seeing you soon!