dividerMother of a 2-Year-Old
“A book that has immeasurably changed the life of our family forever.”

Our daughter has struggled with digestive issues ever since she was born. Her team of health practitioners has included western doctors, Chinese doctors, naturopaths, massage therapists, physiotherapists, sleep coaches, pediatricians, pediatric nutritionists, and pediatric GI specialists. …

You are NOT What You Eat by Van Clayton Powel was the key to stopping our baby from screaming in pain all night.

… There are a number of theories and factors that have contributed to our daughter’s health challenges, which started at birth and continued to 20-months old. …The effects were harrowing: horrible gas, vomiting, constipation, sleeping in one hour intervals, aspiration, phenomena, mineral deficiencies and stomach pains that kept her screaming much of the night.

We tried everything and I mean everything. We’d have some success then more failures and then we reached a point where nothing worked and everything we did made matters worse. That’s when I called Van and picked up his book.

After three weeks of following the principles in Van’s book, my daughter now sleeps through the night soundly, the foods in her diet are growing and we haven’t been to a specialist in a month – no small feat when our usual routine was two to three visits a week. …

Thank you Van for finding the courage and time to write your book. A book that has immeasurably changed the life of our family forever.

Full letter from parents: https://youarenotwhatyoueat.com/wp-content/uploads/You-Are-NOT-What-You-Eat-Testimonial-Nicole-Family.pdf

dividerFrom 85-year-old: “I went from 13 pills a day to no pills, period.”

“I went from 13 pills a day to no pills, period. I’ve already saved over $1,000 on pills, and probably $200 on toilet paper and Attends! If I had my way the government would see that all seniors 55 or over would get a copy of this book. It would save millions of dollars in health care costs for the taxpayers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Jim Doucet

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I love this book.

I love this book.  I learned more reading You are NOT What You Eat than I have reading any other books on the subject combined.  Well researched, easy to read, and best of all it works! I can’t say enough about how this book has changed my eating habits and my sense of well being.”
Deirdre Rowland, Ethical Publicist, Salt Spring Island, BC


… big difference in the way I feel …

I am finding a big difference in the way I feel by following the 7 simple steps. Thank you so much for the book.”
Cynthia V.


 … a very important book.

“I think this is a very important book.”
Terry Moore, CFAX Radio Host


… helped me change my life …

I bought your book after seeing you on TV and want to say you have helped me change my life – not only how I eat but my lifestyle as well. I am a senior, 68 years old and I have asthma and diabetes. As a result of the changes I’ve made to eating and exercising, I have lost 12 lbs, been able to go off my asthma puffers, my blood sugar is always stable, not having the peaks and lows now, and I am sleeping well and feeling well. Every place you go should be sold out and they should be begging you to come back. You are changing people’s lives and I am following your great journey. Keep up the great work! Blessings.”
Judy Karlson


… had IBS for 13-14 years …

I’ve had IBS for 13-14 years and have been following a gluten, wheat and dairy-free (with the exception of butter) diet for several years now. (The IBS started in my late 40s.)

I caught your presentation at the Emily Carr Branch Library in Saanich on Thurs., Jan. 24th and also purchased a copy of your book. What you said during the presentation about not drinking for 30-60 minutes before eating a meal and for a couple of hours afterwards resonated strongly with me. I think my intuition was trying to suggest this to me in the past, but I wasn’t smart enough to interpret it correctly.

I’ve implemented this approach, as well as trying to consciously chew more (the being conscious part is sometimes a challenge), and I noticed virtually immediate benefits. Thank You! Best wishes.”
Patrick Wolfe


… lost 8 lbs … acid reflux better …

“I really liked this book  It was easy to read – clear, funny and above all very practical. All the recommendations made a lot of sense and I’ve noticed a big difference in two weeks just from following the advice on chewing  – I’m eating much less which is helping with weight loss (8 pounds in 2 weeks!), and my acid reflux is better. I’ve even convinced my whole family to chew more and not to eat between meals.”
Mike K.


… digestive problems have much improved …

“I attended your seminar in Burnaby sometime ago, bought your book and followed your advice, and my digestive problems have much improved.”
Lorraine Brown


… compelling and easy-to-read …

“I’m really enjoying this book. You turn what could be dry, complicated medical terminology, into a compelling and easy-to-read adventure! In fact, I have already started implementing the no liquids 30 minutes before a meal, and small amounts of body-temperature liquids during the meal. Thank you!”
Lisa P.


… pertain to almost everyone …

“I really like this book. The content is excellent and not only does it pertain to almost everyone but it’s explained in a way that the layperson can easily understand.”
Betty Fast, R.N. (retired)


… long-time ulcerative-colitis gal …

“As a long-time ulcerative-colitis gal I raptly read your book and found it logical and easy to follow. I think it will help a lot of people.”
Rose M.


Stopped watching Dr. Oz

“Ever since I read your book I no longer feel a need watch and read what Dr. Oz has to say … finally my questions around eating (when, what, why and how) are resolved and I feel I can maintain a healthier lifestyle as a result  … Thank you for finally answering the kind of daunting questions the other so-called gurus don’t address.”
Jasvinder S.


… it took reading your book to [make changes] …

“I really enjoyed the book. Even though my naturopath has been preaching many of these rules to me for many years, it took reading your book to cause me to implement them. I’ve given him my copy of the book to read. And I’ve lost 5 pounds in a month as a result of chewing more, eating less and following the food combining rules. Thanks!”
Wendy Simson


… already made a big difference …

“I bought your book after hearing you interviewed on the Tammra Broughton show and must tell you that no radio on and chewing and less water has already made a big difference.”
Clyde Green


Long-Term Benefits

“Hi Van,
I want to thank you for your book! A year ago I implemented the 2 principals from your book about water consumption in relation to eating meals and not eating until your stomach has emptied of its previous food. These 2 pieces of advice alone have made all the difference to my body!

The only time I’ve caught a flu (or cold or anything) since then is when I stopped eating this way last Christmas. Although I have been surrounded in germs when the rest of my family has gotten sick, I have stayed well!

I also have stopped suffering from food sensitivities that I had: I used to react to a wide variety of foods and the list seemed to change at random. My whole intestinal system is happier– I can tell by my healthy bowel movements.

Thanks again SO much for changing my life for the better! This is knowledge that everyone should learn! I hope you keep spreading the word about your book :-)”

… I have more energy …

“For many years I have been an Image Consultant and, as part of that, I promote the fact that ‘You are what you eat”. After I attended your presentation and purchased your book, I learned we are NOT what we eat if we don’t eat it effectively. One major improvement is I now chew my food much more thoroughly and find I have more energy and better digestion. Thank you, Van. You’ve made a real difference in my well-being!”
Decima Sheldon


… great results …

“I’m not through the book yet but am already doing the fluids timings, tongue scraping and chewing with great results.”
Susannah Day


… increase in my energy level …

“I have started to follow some of the steps in your book (regarding fluids, chewing,  ‘grazing’, etc.) and I have already noticed an increase in my energy level.”
Lea Goward


… made day to day life more tolerable …

“The tips in the book have certainly made day to day life more tolerable. Although I am avoiding certain foods I follow the steps in the book almost to a T and find myself not feeling like death after every meal :)”
Stephanie Cambrey


… significant decrease in my pain …

“Just a short note to thank you for your book. It has been a tremendous help for me. My digestive system is vastly improved, and I believe this is also what is causing a significant decrease in my pain. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.
Kind regards from
Greta Andersen”


… such a wonderful book …

“Thank you for writing such a wonderful book. I know it is already helping me to improve my health.”
Alice Tickner


… the detox program really helped me …

“I really enjoyed this book and was surprised it was so interesting and easy to read. I learned a lot, and the detox program really helped me with the digestion problems I was having. Thank you!”
Mercedes Van Schie


… made it so easy to understand …

“I love the explanation of the digestive system! I’ve heard some of the rules before but you made it so easy to understand that now I can follow through on them.”
Anita Gertz


… a great teaching tool …

So sensible and interesting!! I really enjoyed reading this book and loved the way it was laid out. Such an easy read and a great teaching tool.”
D. LaVerne


… so well written!

“Love your book … it is so well written! I have recommended it to everyone I’ve talked to!
Krista Humphrey


… everyone, ill or not, should read …

“Your book is incredible! It is a must that everyone, ill or not, should read. I love the simplicity of it and how direct and precise it is to restore your health.”
Roberto C.


A Note From Van

Having won my own battle with digestive problems, I know just how nasty and frustrating they can be.

So one of my greatest pleasures is receiving emails like those above from folks who are having similar success following the steps in the book. I’m honored to have been the messenger, but all the work is done by you – so congratulations!!

The 7 Steps might be simple, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. In fact, changing your eating habits is one of the most difficult things to do. So give yourself a big pat on the back for getting this far. And whenever you need inspiration again, reread the Endnote in the book for a sense of just how powerful your body is.

If you’ve had a similar experience to the folks above, please email me (mail ‘@’ healingsearch.com) and if you like, I’ll share your experience here so that others can be inspired by your success. (Or call me at 250-941-1144 and let’s chat.)

With every good wish!