GLOBAL TV’s Lynn Colliar interviews Van Clayton Powel, author of “You Are NOT What You Eat”

You can watch the video of Van’s interview with Lynn Colliar on Global TV here:

* ‘GI Johnny’ makes his debut appearance. (‘GI’ for gastrointestinal, and ‘Johnny’ because if your gastrointestinal tract isn’t working correctly, you can end up spending a lot of time in the john!)


Global TV Interview This Sunday

Going to be on Global TV Sunday Morning News with Lynn Colliar this Sunday, September 30 at 12:25pm for a short interview about the book. I’ll wave to you all ;-)) (Well, perhaps just imagine that I’m waving to you.)

Arrangements for the interview as well as a flood of other events has kept me from posting Part 2 of Signs And Symptoms. My apologies! It’s coming very soon.

See you soon!

Talk Radio Europe Interview With Van Clayton Powel

Talk Radio Europe Interview With Van Clayton Powel, author of “You Are NOT What You Eat; Better Digestive Health In 7 Simple Steps”

Did an early-morning interview today with Selina McKenzie on Talk Radio Europe.

Talk Radio Europe logo




(15 minutes)

It was about 5am – I should probably give it a listen myself to see if I was coherent! ;-))


You Are NOT What You Eat_3DCoverHello! And welcome to the first blog post for You Are NOT What You Eat!

It’s an exciting, busy time as I transition from talking to my computer for the last 6 months, to thankfully talking with human beings again. (That’s the joy of finishing the research, writing, editing and publishing of a new book, and moving into the realm of telling others about it.)

Early reviews and feedback have been excellent, which is a wonderful reward after so long working in isolation. So please don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts and ask any questions you might have.

If you’ve read the book, you know how passionate I am about the subject of digestion and its vital role in every aspect of our health. And you also know that much of my passion was born out of my own chronic digestive problems – problems that are now a distant memory!

The road to digestive health for me was a long arduous journey that literally took me around the world. The solutions I found fit perfectly with the latest medical science. And as a former nurse trained in the Western medical model, that was important to me.

But the solutions have nothing to do with what to eat, and everything to do with how we eat. And it turns out this approach to digestive problems has been used in the ancient medical systems of Asia for thousands of years.

My education in the Western medical model taught me the value of double-blind, peer-reviewed, randomized studies. But my training in Japan and India taught me the value of thousands of years of clinical experience. Somewhere between the two is where I found the road to the vibrant health and energy I enjoy today. And those of you who know the frustration of digestive problems like I do,  know what a remarkable feeling it is to be healthy again!

As we begin this journey together, I hope you’ll share your experiences so that others might benefit. And again, please let me know if you have any questions.

With every good wish!