WHEN You Eat Important

Late-Night Eating

Interesting to see more studies in the last year corroborating what we talk about in Chapter 9 of the book (and what Ayurvedic medicine from India has been talking about for thousands of years) – eating late at night is not a healthy habit.

Three recent studies focused on the impact of late-eating on weight-loss. But Ayurveda has long said late-eating has a negative impact on all aspects of digestion, and by extension, on every aspect of your health. (Shift workers are at higher risk for a broad range of serious health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.)

And I suspect we will see more research in the coming years confirming what the ancient Asian physicians have been saying about late-night eating for a long time – avoid it! (Remember Chapter 12 though – get your digestion strong enough and the occasional midnight pizza with a nightcap won’t be a problem! Yippee!)

You can read about the studies here: