Tammra Broughton Call-in Show April 9

I’ll be on Tammra Broughton’s online radio show Living Proof Radio on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 5:00pm in PDT.

Go here for more info: http://a2zen.fm/events/you-are-not-what-you-eat-why-poor-digestion-is-a-serious-threat

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The Wheat Belly Approach; Is Wheat Really The Enemy?

An estimated 30-50% of us suffer from digestive problems.
After the common cold, it has become the most likely reason
we will seek out a doctor. The most popular approach is to
change what we eat (e.g. The book Wheat Belly). And without
a doubt, that can play an pivotal role.

But we’ve been ignoring the other half of the equation – the impact
of how we eat on our digestive health. And that aspect is as critical
to an Olympic athlete as it is to a bed-ridden hospital patient.

It also offers the hope of once again being able to eat almost
anything without a problem. (Hey, I used to think wheat was the
problem, too. Now it’s back on my menu and I’m lovin it!)

The body truly is amazing.

I’ll write more on Wheat Belly soon.

Digestive Problems In The Workplace – Their Impact And Solutions

The impact of digestive problems in the workplace, for both employers and employees, is covered in interview with Charmaine Hammond on BlogTalkRadio

We took a look at the impact of digestive problems in the workplace for both employers and employees in this half-hour interview with Charmaine Hammond on BlogTalkRadio.

How big is the problem? It’s estimated that up to 50% of us suffer from digestive problems, and it has become the most likely reason we’ll visit a doctor. Imagine the impact on sick time and productivity!

Eating under stress is definitely a huge part of the problem, as is shiftwork, and constant snacking – all of which are addressed in You Are NOT What You Eat. The good news? The solutions aren’t that difficult!

Click link below to listen. (Might take a few moments to load but should then play automatically.)

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