Nature created just four seasons. And “Flu Season” isn’t one of them.

Nature created just four seasons. And “Flu Season” isn’t one of them.

In fact, the term was probably dreamed up by some marketing genius on the payroll of the pharmaceutical industry with the express intention of making you feel scared. Why? Because they sell a lot more drugs and vaccinations that way. (The stress alone probably makes some people sick.)

So next time you hear some shill yapping about “Flu Season”, have a laugh and remind yourself that only a small fraction of Canadians gets the flu every year (estimates go as low as 5%.)

And that with some very simple techniques (wash your hands regularly, cough or sneeze into your elbow, and don’t burn out your immune system with too much skiing, partying and work) you’ll probably be one of the 80-90% of Canadians who is flu-free this winter.

“Flu Season??” Ha! Bring on the snow.

PS And maybe reread the sections in the book on the link between digestion and your immune system! Part of an email I got recently from a reader:

“Hi Van,
I want to thank you for your book! A year ago I implemented the 2 principals from your book about water consumption in relation to eating meals and not eating until your stomach has emptied of its previous food. These 2 pieces of advice alone have made all the difference to my body! The only time I’ve caught a flu (or cold or anything) since then is when I stopped eating this way last Christmas. Although I have been surrounded in germs when the rest of my family has gotten sick, I have stayed well! I also have stopped suffering from food sensitivities that I had: …”

Full letter here: https://youarenotwhatyoueat.com/testimonials/