New Testimonial Interview

Interview with reader of “You Are NOT What You Eat; Better Digestive Health In 7 Simple Steps”

Just before my presentation in Campbell River last month I was approached by a vibrant elderly man holding a copy of my book who introduced himself and said (with a twinkle in his eyes), “I just wanted to thank you for this book and tell you that if I was gay I’d kiss you on the lips.”

Listen to an Interview recorded a few days later:

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I wasn’t quite sure what the ‘politically correct’ response to that was but we chatted for a few minutes before my talk began and tears started to come to my eyes as he told me his story.

About 90 minutes later as I was finishing my presentation the gentleman stood up and shared his story with the rest of the audience and it was clear he had the same effect on them as he’d had on me.

In fact, his story was so moving that I wished I’d had a video camera to record his brief talk (I don’t even carry a cell phone with me, let alone a camera 😉

But he readily agreed to share his story with others (although he admitted he was quite nervous about being interviewed and said he’d need to write everything out first) and we did a phone interview a few days later. And that’s what I’ve posted here. It’s about 8 minutes long and includes Jim (his name) reading his ‘script’ but mainly it’s just us chatting about his experience.

As I mentioned to Jim, these moments of hearing from readers touch me very deeply and are the greatest reward for my efforts writing You Are NOT What You Eat.

So I’d like to thank ALL of you now for the emails, kind comments, and phone calls you send my way.

And to congratulate you once more on what YOU have accomplished by making some of the changes suggested in the book. The steps I outline certainly changed my life, and it is wonderful to hear when they have changed yours.

As always, with every good wish,


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2 thoughts on “New Testimonial Interview”

  1. There are sooooo many authors who write books to “help people” and say that’s what they want to do. The ones I have read so far, well they are all fake, because their books DID NOT help! NOT YOU! You have and are continuing to change peoples lives in an incredibly positive way! The world needs your book! Following your simple, sensible steps started to help me immediately. My body instantly conveys it’s happiness every day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    1. Wow, ‘shamin’, that is wonderful to hear! I am so glad that the book has helped. And congratulations on having the discipline to make the changes! Even though the steps are pretty simple, trying them is still the hardest part. If you have any questions at any point, please don’t hesitate to ask. I will try to help as many readers as possible.

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