Great Q & A Session at Burnaby Presentation on “You Are NOT What You Eat”

What a great, great crowd at Burnaby Public Library the other night for the presentation on You Are NOT What You Eat! Thanks to everyone for showing up. And to Linton and Rachel and the rest of the staff for helping put it on. (Turns out 60 chairs weren’t enough, so we hope to do it again in the Fall for any of you who weren’t able to get in. Maybe at McGill Branch, too. Stay tuned ;-))

Sorry there’s a bit of a lag on new posts – in the midst of a slew of exciting developments around the book, and seem to be on perpetual catchup. (Adrenaline is much better than caffeine!)

The Q & A portion of the Burnaby presentation was awesome because of the fantastic questions folks asked. I loved it! So if you have any questions, please send ’em to me or post them and I’ll answer asap. We do have an audio recording of most of the evening and getting it converted and posted is … another thing on the To-Do List ;-))

About to get back to some work that had a deadline of yesterday, so hope to return soon. And again, if you have a question, send it on over!