Better Digestion And ‘What’ You Eat

One of the questions I’m often asked at presentations is “Are you saying that what I eat doesn’t matter at all?”

And the answer is an emphatic No! I eat the most nutritious foods possible and so should you.

What I am saying is that what you eat is only half the equation. Because it doesn’t matter how nutritious your food is if you don’t digest it. And unfortunately, research indicates many of us are not digesting very well.

How you eat, the 7 steps I talk about in the book, can play a huge role in whether you digest and absorb the nutrients in your food. And also whether you damage your digestive system, which can lead to very serious problems.

So whether you’re an Olympic athlete or a bed-ridden hospital patient, you need to stop focusing solely on what you eat, and start paying attention to how you eat.