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Van Clayton Powel - author of You Are NOT What You Eat

Van Clayton Powel is a former public health nurse, the founder of Mind Body Fitness Inc., and the creator of the Runner’s Yoga Program.

As a Psychiatric Nurse he graduated top of his class and went on to specialize in addictions treatment, detoxification, and emergency psychiatric assessments. He also spent years in Asia training in traditional medical systems, martial arts, and yoga, and it is this clinical experience with both Western and Eastern approaches that he brings to his writing and teaching.

Inspired by his own battle with chronic digestive problems, Powel was surprised to find the solution not in what he ate, but in how he ate – an approach that had been used successfully in Asia for thousands of years, yet fits in perfectly with the latest medical science.

“We keep blaming foods for our digestive problems,” says Powel, ” … wheat, dairy, gluten, meat, etc. I’m convinced a huge part of the equation is not the food, but our damaged and ineffective digestive systems. In my case, my digestive problems were so bad I thought I was going to have to survive on a diet of white rice and a few steamed vegetables for the rest of my life. Today I can eat anything I want without a problem, and all my symptoms have disappeared.”

Powel has taught advanced health and fitness techniques to thousands of clients, including Olympic athletes and coaches, the Canadian National Snowboard Team, and major corporations. In addition to the Runner’s Yoga Program, he has also developed a number of other proprietary training programs, including 30MinuteYoga, Practical Ayurveda, and the Refresh and Rejuvenate stress management system.

Powel spends most of his time on the West coast of Canada with his wife, happily eating anything he wants again. You can reach him through the Contact Us page for information about Private Consultations, Group and Corporate Presentations.

Happily Eating Anything He Wants Again!

Van Clayton Powel Can Eat Anything He Wants Again

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