We want simple explanations for why we get sick. (Probably because we want simple solutions!)

And often we want to attach blame to one particular area: “It’s what you eat!” It’s where you live.” “It’s your genes.” “It’s how you think”

But the truth is, they all play a role.

An analogy I heard years ago compares the foundation of good health to a chair with four legs. Each leg of the chair represents a different aspect of health – lifestyle, genetics, environment, and the mind.

And when any one of those is out of balance, the chair wobbles and becomes unstable. The more legs out of balance, the more unstable your health.

So you can be eating the most nutritious food in the world, but if you don’t exercise, or live in an environment filled with toxins (like those folks in northern China), or were born with a genetic disorder, or don’t manage a high-stress job effectively, you’re heading for trouble.

So, how do you keep YOUR chair in balance? Anything special you’ve learned that might help others? (Head to our Facebook page if you’re unable to post here.)

Pollution cuts life spans by 5.5 years in north China, study says
“An examination of 20 years of data from across China finds that heavy air pollution is almost exclusively to blame for the drop in life expectancy in the north.” Read the article here: