Interesting piece on the wheat/gluten debate on CBC TV’s Fifth Estate last week.

Personally, I used to have multiple food sensitivities – wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, etc., – and kept blaming the foods for my symptoms. Now I can eat anything I want again (including ‘evil’ wheat and gluten) without a problem.

So, what changed? I started eating in a way that allowed my digestive system to heal and strengthen. And once it did, I was able to start enjoying those ‘problem’ foods again.

And that’s the missing component in this whole debate about wheat and gluten – the impact of a healthy vs weak digestive system.

When your digestive system is damaged or weak, foods that are inherently more difficult for the body to digest (like wheat, gluten and dairy) will naturally start causing problems. But when your digestive system is strong and healthy, you should be able to eat almost anything without a problem. (Barring a medically diagnosed allergy.)

So bottom line: Are you happy and healthy eating wheat and gluten? Then keep it up! But if you’ve eliminated them and would like to get them back in your diet, then start to learn about healing and strengthening your digestive system.

And that’s what You Are NOT What You Eat is all about. Worked for me. And read the testimonials to see who else it’s worked for.

See the Fifth Estate piece here


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