DIGESTIVE HEALTH: 2 Parts To The Equation

As I make clear in the book – we are not what we eat – we are only what we digest, what we absorb, what we assimilate.

But does that mean I don’t watch what I eat? Definitely not!

What we eat is half the equation when it comes to digestive health. Just as we shouldn’t ignore the importance of how we eat, nor should we ignore the impact of what we eat. So I watch what I eat and have a particular ‘Home Base’ diet that works well for me. (I believe we all get to find our own dietary approach based upon our personal situation, so I don’t tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t eat.)

And as you know from the book, I also allow myself to temporarily throw my Home-Base healthy diet out the window when I go on ‘Vacation’ (see chapter 12).

But I definitely keep an eye on what I put into my body. So I take note of articles like this one in the New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/08/business/organic-food-purists-worry-about-big-companies-influence.html?pagewanted=all

See what you think.


“The fact is, organic food has become a wildly lucrative business for Big Food and a premium-price-means-premium-profit section of the grocery store. The industry’s image — contented cows grazing on the green hills of family-owned farms — is mostly pure fantasy. Or rather, pure marketing. Big Food, it turns out, has spawned what might be called Big Organic.”