CFAX Radio Call-in Show With Terry Moore

Did an hour-long call-in show with Terry Moore on CFAX radio yesterday. (Thanks Terry and Roszan!) Click below to listen to the edited version (no news breaks, etc.) And listen for the amazing Ada (first caller I think) – quite an inspiration!

CFAX 1070 radio

Have been busy on a lot of book fronts lately, hence not many posts. Sorry! But please visit the Facebook page for more frequent updates. (Oh, and please ‘Like’ it if you feel inclined. Thanks! ;-)) )

I’ve also started a bit of DIGESTIVE  TRIVIA on the FB page. Click the image near the top of the FB page to check out the first few questions. I’ll be adding to it continually.

Had to order another print run as I was out of books and the shipment arrived today. (Thanks Houghton-Boston. They look great.) A few minor changes that most of you wouldn’t notice.

If you’re in Victoria, I’ll be there Thursday and Saturday giving free presentations. Would love to meet you and answer any questions you might have. (Emily Carr library Thursday 7-8:30pm; Central Branch library, Saturday, 2-3:30pm.)

Some very nice email testimonials coming in from folks who are feeling much better since they started following the steps in the book. Thanks to all – I love hearing from you and will try to post some asap. (Another thing on the To-Do List ;-))

See you soon.

The Wheat Belly Approach; Is Wheat Really The Enemy?

An estimated 30-50% of us suffer from digestive problems.
After the common cold, it has become the most likely reason
we will seek out a doctor. The most popular approach is to
change what we eat (e.g. The book Wheat Belly). And without
a doubt, that can play an pivotal role.

But we’ve been ignoring the other half of the equation – the impact
of how we eat on our digestive health. And that aspect is as critical
to an Olympic athlete as it is to a bed-ridden hospital patient.

It also offers the hope of once again being able to eat almost
anything without a problem. (Hey, I used to think wheat was the
problem, too. Now it’s back on my menu and I’m lovin it!)

The body truly is amazing.

I’ll write more on Wheat Belly soon.


Holiday Digestive Problems


Whistler, B.C– As the days grow shorter and the evenings more crisp, many of us look upon the fall as a season of transition, and change … and celebration! But the overindulgence of Thanksgiving dinners, the stockpiles of Halloween candy, and the decadent richness of Christmas fare can make the season an absolute nightmare for millions who suffer from digestive problems. And according to the author of a new book, we`re looking for solutions in the wrong place.

“We’re continually told that food is causing our digestive problems,” says Van Clayton Powel, author of You Are NOT What You Eat; Better Digestive Health in 7 Simple Steps, “but in many cases, nothing could be further from the truth – it is our damaged digestive systems that are at fault. So that’s where we need to direct our attention.”

Powel is a former registered psychiatric nurse and the founder of Mind Body Fitness Inc. who has combined his years of experience on the front-lines of patient care along with his own personal battle with digestive illness to pen an easy-to-understand, ‘how-to’ guide for achieving digestive health. And his light-handed, practical focus on how to eat, rather than what to eat, is being praised by professionals and laypeople alike.

The book teaches a series of simple steps meant to enhance and strengthen digestion to the point that “You can eat almost any food without a problem,” says Powel. And his passion comes from first-hand experience. “I had so many food sensitivities I almost dreaded holiday feasts,” he says. “Now all my digestive problems are gone, and I’m back celebrating with everyone else!”

Powel’s energetic, humorous interviews about You Are NOT What You Eat are increasingly popular on TV, radio and blogs, and he`s currently providing a series of free presentations on digestive health. You can learn more at

DIGESTIVE HEALTH: 2 Parts To The Equation

As I make clear in the book – we are not what we eat – we are only what we digest, what we absorb, what we assimilate.

But does that mean I don’t watch what I eat? Definitely not!

What we eat is half the equation when it comes to digestive health. Just as we shouldn’t ignore the importance of how we eat, nor should we ignore the impact of what we eat. So I watch what I eat and have a particular ‘Home Base’ diet that works well for me. (I believe we all get to find our own dietary approach based upon our personal situation, so I don’t tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t eat.)

And as you know from the book, I also allow myself to temporarily throw my Home-Base healthy diet out the window when I go on ‘Vacation’ (see chapter 12).

But I definitely keep an eye on what I put into my body. So I take note of articles like this one in the New York Times:

See what you think.


“The fact is, organic food has become a wildly lucrative business for Big Food and a premium-price-means-premium-profit section of the grocery store. The industry’s image — contented cows grazing on the green hills of family-owned farms — is mostly pure fantasy. Or rather, pure marketing. Big Food, it turns out, has spawned what might be called Big Organic.”

Van Clayton Powel on the River Afternoon Show with Warren Andrews

Had a wonderful time on Vancouver Island last week doing presentations for You Are NOT What You Eat. Now hiding out at our wee cabin for a few days R&R, then heading back into the fray next week, starting with a private corporate presentation in Vancouver.

Did a number of radio, TV and podcast interviews last week and will get the links up as soon as possible. (Have very limited power at the cabin – on solar and we’re not seeing much of that these days! ;-))

But here’s a short (5 minute) spot I did with Warren Andrews on The River Afternoon Show. (Thanks Warren!)

See y’all soon.

Click below to listen:

Van Clayton Powel on the River Afternoon Show with Warren Andrews

With Aamer Haleem on CTV News

Well that was fun! Got up at 5am Monday morning to drive down to Vancouver for an interview with Aamer Haleem on CTV News.

Had a few adventures … reached into my bag when I got there and came out with a hand covered with black ink – my pen had leaked all over my bag. “Permanent ink?” you ask. Yes. Squatting down at the curb on Robson Street, scrubbing away at my hand with tissues and water from my water bottle while the guy sweeping the street looked on.  A moment to remember.

But everyone on the team at CTV Morning Live was wonderful – Andrea, Teresita, Buffy, Kumud, Chris … and Haleem, of course. Who was just as warm and personable in ‘real time’ as he appears on camera.

You can view the interview here




Digestive Problems In The Workplace – Their Impact And Solutions

We took a look at the impact of digestive problems in the workplace for both employers and employees in this half-hour interview with Charmaine Hammond on BlogTalkRadio.

How big is the problem? It’s estimated that up to 50% of us suffer from digestive problems, and it has become the most likely reason we’ll visit a doctor. Imagine the impact on sick time and productivity!

Eating under stress is definitely a huge part of the problem, as is shiftwork, and constant snacking – all of which are addressed in You Are NOT What You Eat. The good news? The solutions aren’t that difficult!

Click link below to listen. (Might take a few moments to load but should then play automatically.)

Let me know if you have any questions and thoughts. Thanks!